Fully automatic rotary Microtome (Model No: HV-FAM-17)

Fully automatic rotary Microtome (Model No: HV-FAM-17)


  • Rs. 478,500.00

Fully Automatic Rotary Microtome


    • Automatic Microtome will have stepper motor driven specimen feed and vertical and horizontal cross roller Bearing mechanism to ensure accurate reproducibility of section thickness..
    • Auto Microtome will have Section thickness selection from 0.5µm to 100 µm with following setting range..
    • 0.5µm -5µm in 0.5µm increment and 5µm-20µm in 1 µm increment.
    • 20µm -60µmin 5µm increment and 60µm-100µm in 10 µm increment.
    • Microtome will have trimming setting from 1µm to 600µm or more with step trim function and 3 retractions setting at 5 pm-100 µm in 5 um increments and user can turn off.
    • Automatic Microtome will have motorized slow forward and backward coarse feed speed at 300 µm/s and forward speed at 800 µm/s & fast backward speed at 1800 µm/s and sectioning speed of 00 to 420 mm/sec
    • Automatic Microtome will have user selectable memory functions fast homing in less than 15 sec to increase efficiency & throughout by rapid specimen exchange while trimming or microtoming
    • Automatic Microtome will have specimen horizontal feed of Approx 23 mm to 25mm via stepper motor and vertical stroke length of 70 mm with Vibration Free Mechanism for trimming & sectioning
    • Automatic Microtome will have sectioning modes Single, Continuous, Step & rocking mode with retraction function. Modes speed to be controlled by nob. On external control panel in cutting window for better efficiency
    • Automatic Microtome will be able to work with external foot switch optionally for automatic operation
    • Automatic Microtome Hand wheel with gravitational force compensation system will make rotating the hand wheel extremely smooth, light & avoids vibrations while sectioning or microtoming further facilitate convenient & safe specimen clamp exchange without requiring modification of hand wheel
    • Automatic Microtome will have electronic braking for safe blades specimen handling so that will automatically hold object head a􀀄er motorized sectioning in upper position activated on separate control unit
    • Automatic Microtome will have standard silent specimen retraction for working in a silent environment to improve ability & concentration
    • Automatic Microtome will have removable top tray with rim avoids falling tools, contributing to a safer working environment on flat top of microtome to allow user for placement of larger object & increase efficiency and further cleaning & maintaining of instrument
    • Automatic: Microtome will have personalized coarse feed hand wheel in ergonomic position with user selectable direction selection to improve comfort and rapid specimen exchange.
    • Automatic microtome with force handwheel will facilitate convenient and safe specimen clamp exchange without requiring modification of hand wheel and minimize risk of injury from unbalanced object head to user and specimen further, reduce instrument wear and tear.
    • Automate Microtome will have removable antisatic waste tray to reduce contamination and provides unmatched efficiency through shortened cleaning times
    • Automatic microtome hand wheel has facility to centre handle while operating with force compensation for other modes. Emergency stop knob on microtome for convenience and safety
    • Auto microtome will be with precision orientation quick clamping system for rapid specimen clamp exchange with zero position indicator for ease in re-cuts. fast return to 0 position for new specimen. compatible and supplied with standard specimen clamp and universal cassettes clamps for paraffin blocks.
    • Automatic Microtome will be supplied with disposable blade holder with lateral displacement compatible for both types of high- & low-profile blades & specimen orientation of ±8 deg both horizontally & vertically.
    • Microtome will have safety mechanism with integrated knife guard with blade ejection level with colored safety guard to cover blades & magnetic brush for safe removal of blades & protect user from injury & infection.
    • Automatic microtome will have rocking mode to minimise risk of developing repetitive motion disorders.
    • It will be with a separate control panel with adjustable inclination & speed control by knob & other setting & all controls on the instruments along with external controlled unit.
    • It will be supplied with Low High profile Blades packet with premium coating advanced design & top-grade material, high precision to consistently achieve finely cut sections.
    • Automatic Microtome will have stepper motor driven specimen feed and vertical and horizontal cross roller Bearing mechanism to ensure accurate reproducibility of section thickness
    • Manufactured with safety features in compliance with CE/ US-FDA standards.
    • Automatic Microtome with force balance will allow & handle various block sizes & optionally upgradable in future with electrically cooled clamps & block temp. is kept cold for longer duration of universal cassette clamp adapter & achieve Temp. 20K less than ambient Temp. useful for serial sections.

     Product Internal Code: 8642

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