Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope (Model No: HV-1515)

Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope (Model No: HV-1515)


  • Rs. 135,575.00

Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope


Trinocular Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope with quadruple revolving nosepiece, equipped with binocular observation head and best quality optical components having full prismatic optical path, large co-axial mechanical stage of size 165mm. x 180mm., co-axial coarse & fine focusing knobs with adjustable tension control ring, variable intensity controlled built in base solid-state transformer, fitted with 6V 20Watts halogen bulb and illumination based on system.

  • Supplied with following optical combination in a storing box.
  • Size: Standard,
  • Observation Head: 45° inclined Trinocular head,
  • Nosepiece: Quadruple revolving turret nosepiece with positive accurate click stops. Stage: Oversize plain stage 180 x 165mm with 2 extension plates for large bottles and micro filter work.
  • Illumination: Based on Koehler's system is provided by a post-mounted high intensity 6 volts 20 watts Halogen illuminator.
  • Objectives: Achromatic LWD 4X, 10X, LWD 20X & LWD-40X.
  • Eyepieces: HWF 10x (paired) with eye guards.

Product Internal Code: 8615

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