Air Curtain (Model No: HV-1214)

Air Curtain (Model No: HV-1214)


  • Rs. 48,470.00

Air Curtain


  • Air Curtain is a modern device which when installed on a door forms an invisible curtain of continuous air which restrict the escape of conditioned air and also prevent entry of outside hot, humid, dirty and unwanted polluted air.
  • Cabinets Material Used
  • Cold Rolled Mild Steel: 16 SWG for base Plate. 18 SWG for body. 20 SWG for Grilles. 20 SWG for blower housing.
  • Galvanised Iron Sheet
  • INTERIOR FINISH: Anti rust treatment Primer Paint.
  • EXTERIOR FINISH: HT paint/Stove painting/Electrostatic paint (powder coating) as per customer requirements.
  • FANS & MOTORS: The multi blade forward curved centrifugal type aluminium fan wheels statically and dynamically balanced are driven by extended motor shaft.
  • For Door Width mm Approx: 1500
  • For Door Width feet Approx: 5
  • The cabinets of Air Curtain are made of MS Sheet. The blowers are made of aluminum sheet, duly balanced both, statically as well as dynamically on computerized digital balancing machines, designed to provide uniform air with minimum noise and no vibration. The motors used are of continuous rating with sealed ball-bearings. These units are available in High Velocity Models (Approx 10 meters/second).

Product Internal Code: 8615