Anaerobic Jar (Model No: HV-1234)

Anaerobic Jar (Model No: HV-1234)


  • Rs. 23,080.00

Anaerobic Jar


  • Application: The Anaerobic Jar System provides oxygen free environment applied in microbiological laboratories for the isolation/culturing of anaerobic and microaeroohilic microorganisms
  • Capacity: 3-4 Liters (1 no)
  • Material of construction: Transparent, unbreakable polycarbonate jar.
  • Unit
  • Jar should provided with pressure -cum -vacuum gauge attached to the lid
  • Jar should be ideal for all strict anaerobic test conditions.
  • Lid should consist of O- ring gasket
  • It should be provided with petri dish (100 mm diameter) carrier/SS rack.
  • Schrader valve and screws to connect to vacuum pump
  • Vacuum pump: Suitable oil free vacuum pump for the system
  • Accessories: Lid, complete with damp and screw, O rings

Product Internal Code: 8615