Autoclave with Dressing Drum (30 ltrs) (Model No: HV-903A)

Autoclave with Dressing Drum (30 ltrs) (Model No: HV-903A)


  • Rs. 119,625.00

Autoclave with Dressing Drum (30 Ltrs)


  • Water level indicator, pressure gauge, steam release cock, spring loaded safety valve, Triple walled construction, all the three walls made of thick high grade stainless steel sheet of SS-304 grade or better.
  • The lid made of stainless steel sheet, Unit fitted with Double safety radial locking system with paddle lifting device, made of MS chrome plated, with built-in safety valve, pressure gauge, pressure release valve and water level indicator.
  • Pressure adjustable from 5psi to 20 psi with an accuracy of +/-1 psi, with automatic pressure control switch.
  • Supply complete with stainless steel basket, chord and plug.
  • Volumetric Capacity = 30 ltrs.
  • Electrically heated by immersion type heaters bearing ISI mark, to work on 220 volts single phase 50 cycles.
  • Steel stand for keeping autoclave drum on it.
  • Working Temperature: 121° C, Hydrostatic Pressure: 2.5 kg/cm sq. ( 35 psi ).
  • Guard, pressure gauge, electrical control box, fitted with toggle switch, indicating Neon lamps and steam release valve, foot paddle lifting device.
  • Automatic Pressure Control Switch -To cut-off the current from the heating elements, when the desired/ set pressure value level is attained inside the chamber and restarts the mechanism once the pressure inside the chamber falls from the desired level.
  • Automatic Water Cut-off Device –To protect the heaters from running dry and to ensure that the machine is automatically switched off in case the desired water level falls below the prescribed level.
  • Two spare rubber gaskets and electric element must be provided for each autoclave.
  • Temperature Indicator to indicate the temperature inside the chamber.

    Product Internal Code: 8607