Touch Screen Microprocessor K.F Moisture Titrator (Model No. HVO-6310)

Touch Screen Microprocessor K.F Moisture Titrator (Model No. HVO-6310)


  • Rs. 97,455.00

Touch Screen Microprocessor K.F Moisture Titrator 

Touch Screen Microprocessor K.F Moisture Titrator with built-in magnetic stirrer, Auto computation of moisture in ppm, % age and mg H2 0., Simultaneous display of results in all three units, 1000 sample storage facility with batch no, final result are flashed on 7" colored touch screen. Password protected data login facility. Icon based Menu for
easy navigation. K.F reagent dispensing by motor.

Technical Specifications: 

  • Measuring Range: 10 ppm to 100 % of moisture
  • Measuring Method: Karl Fischer Volumetric Titration Method
  • K.F. Dispensing System: Highly sensitive motorized dispensing system
  • Resolution of Titrant Volume: 0.01 ml
  • Indication of Titrant Volume: 0.00 to 99.99 ml
  • Auto Moisture content Calculation: %0.01 to 100%, 10 to 999999 ppm, 0.00 to 999.99 mg H2O
  • Calibration: Auto K.F. Titer/Factor calculation
  • End Point Indication: Audio
  • Wait Time for End Point Adjustable: 1 to 99 seconds
  • Display: 7" Colored Touch Screen
  • Storage: Sample result & setup data storage facility
  • Clock: In built clock with date & time display
  • Stirrer: In built magnetic stirrer with adjustable speed
  • Reagent Bottles: 250 ml bottles for KF Reagent, methanol & calcium
  • Printer Interface: Dot matrix printer interface
  • Power Supply: 12V/2A DC Supply


  • 7 inches colored touch screen
  • Password protected data login facility.
  • Microprocessor Based with Printer Interface
  • User Friendly and Menu Driven Software.
  • Direct Results in ppm, % and mg H2O on single display screen
  • Setup Data Storage Facility
  • Sample Data Storage Facility
  • Batch-Wise, Date-Wise and Individual Result Data Printing
  • RS232/USB Interface (Optional)


  • Dual Platinum Electrode
  • Teflon Coated Magnetic Stirring Capsule
  • 250 ml Bottle for K.F Reagent
  • 250 ml Bottle for Methanol
  • 250 ml Bottle for Calcium Chloride
  • Reagent Outer
  • 25 μI Auto pipette
  • Adapter for Calcium Chloride Bottle
  • Adapter for K.F. reagent Bottle
  • Set of connecting tubes
  • Set of dispensing tubes & nozzles
  • Titration Vessel
  • Power supply Adapter
  • Rubber bellow
  • Instruction Manual