Automatic Seed Counter (Model No. HVO-SC5)

Automatic Seed Counter (Model No. HVO-SC5)


  • Rs. 46,097.00

Automatic Seed Counter

Automatic seed Counter can automatically count many kinds of grains by setting number. In agriculture it is mainly used in grain count, exp. Rice, wheat, sorghum, corn, vegetables seed and soon.

Technical Parameter:

  • Count Range: 1-12mm
  • Count Accuracy: ±2%
  • Count Speed: ≥1000/3min (Sesame)
  • Counting Range: 1~99999
  • Bulk Counting: 1-99999 Noise <70db
  • Power AC110V/60Hz and AC 220V/50Hz
  • Continuous working time: ≥ 5Hr
  • Size of Machine 285*210*176mm 
  • Operation Environment: -10℃-50℃, <85% RH