Ball Mill (Model No. HVO-BM-MO-11)

Ball Mill (Model No. HVO-BM-MO-11)


  • Rs. 135,284.00

Ball Mill


Ball Mills arc horizontal rotating cylindrical steel chamber of half filled with steel balls. The size reduction b accomplished by the impact of balls as they fall back after being lifted by the baffles fitted in the rotating chamber. Ball Mill is fitted on a sturdy MS frame. Charging of balls and material is done by the means of opening provided in the chamber. The chamber is turning about the horizontal axis through a reduction gearbox and a motor. An arrangement is done for moving the Ball Mill at different speeds. A revolution counter is provided to find out the number of turns. Special arrangement is done to free the Ball Mill from reduction gearbox for charging and discharging the material.


  • To study effect of rpm on the power consumption of a Ball Mill
  • To determine the efficiency of a Ball Mill for grinding a material of known Wi
  • To find the critical speed practically and theoretically and to study the effect of speed on efficiency


  • Compact & stand-alone set up
  • Superb Painted structure
  • Simple to operate & maintain

Utilities Required

  • Feed Product
  • Electricity: 1 kW, 220 Volts AC, 1Ø
  • Set of sieves with sieve shaker for analysis
  • Floor Area: 1.5 x 1m

Technical Specification

Ball Mill (Chamber)

Material MS, Dia 275mm, Length 350mm. Thickness 5 mm

Discharge Chute

Suitable size

Feed Size

25mm (Max) Approx.

Product Size

200 Mesh (Approx.) and if required 400 mesh than running time to be 3.5times extra with same feed size.


10-15 Kg/hr


1 H.P. Standard make DC Motor controlled by DC Drive, coupled to 2"

Reduction Gearbox gives variable speed with Digital RPM Indicator, Non Contact type with Proximity sensor

Revolution Counter

Mechanical type, Standard make

Product Receiver

Material SS of suitable size

Control Panel

On/off switches, mains indicator etc, The set-up is fitted with required guards

    *The whole set-up is well designed and arranged in a good quality painted structure