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The Bio-Chemistry Analyzer is mainly used for the quantitative analysis of the clinical bio-chemical items; it applies the lamber- law: A=kbc=lg(i0/i).
Among them:a: absorbency, k: aspirated index, b: liquid layer’s thickness, c: solution’s consistency, i0: incident light’s strength, i: transmit light’s strength.
According to the above formulas, under the condition of the certain liquid layer’s thickness and incident light’s strength, as long as test the strength of transmit light which goes through the liquid, so we can calculate the consistency of the solution.

Technical Parameters:

Method: kinetic.
End-point, linearity, plus time, non linearity plus time, absorbency, sample blank, multi-standard, velocity, calculation, two-point, double wavelength etc.
7 wavelengths optic system avoiding outer disturbance.
Wavelength range: 340-700nm
Quality control: quality control for all tests, statistic and print quality control parameters automatically with QC curves. Every test can do high medium low three groups quality control.
Program: add or delete test items easily according to the condition. Modify the test parameters. Display dynamic curves at real time

*  Weight    :  8kg.
*  Photometric range    : -0. 2 - 2. 3 abs.
*  Temperature    : 0degreeC-40degreeC
*  Relative humidity    : 10%-90 %.
*  Power    : 85-264V
*  Dimension    : 33cm in length*35. 5cm in width*12. 59cm in height
*  Communications connector    : RS-232 serial.
*  Volume    : More than equal to 500UL
*  Screen    : 240*128 dots graphic LCD.
*  Liquid thickness    : 10mm.
*  lamp    : quartz-halogen lamp, 6V 10W.
*  Measure volume    : 32ULL
*  Flow cell    : quartz .

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