Blood Bag Tube Sealer (Model No. HVO-BTS-5)

Blood Bag Tube Sealer (Model No. HVO-BTS-5)


  • Rs. 115,700.00


Micro Controller Based Solid State Dielectric Blood Tube Sealer

Blood bag tube sealer is a compact equipment to seal the blood bag pilot tube by radio frequency sealing system. Sealing can be achieved in less that 1.5 seconds per tube by simple operation. Sealed tube can be easily separated by pulling the sealing section from both sides.

 Silent Features:

  • Radio Frequency Sealing
  • Compatible with Blood bags of various brand
  • Easily accessible electrodes for cleaning and disinfecting
  • Splash guard providing protection against blood splashes
  • Easy separation of the tube segments after sealing

Technical Specifications

Oscillation Frequency 40.68
Radio frequency output 15 W
Sealing Time Less than 1.5 sec
Power consumption 80 VA
Weight 4 Kgs.
Battery backup Battery Backup Up to 700 Seals
Voltage 90 – 270 V AC / 50 – 60 Hz

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