Blood Cell Counter (HV-1230)


  • Rs. 40,000.00

Blood Cell Counter

The cell counter uses ten membrane switch buttons to count, and can display ten sets of data and the total number at the same time.
Press the "%" key, the instrument can display the integer digits of the percentage of each group of data, and press it again to display the decimal digits of the percentage of each group of data (the indicator light is on at this time).
The count is accurate and reliable, in line with the results of clinical examination blood routines, and preliminary hints to distinguish bacterial infections or viral infections.
The instrument is beautiful in appearance, reasonable in structure, clear in data, and convenient to use.
It is especially suitable for clinical examination of blood cell classification and counting in small and medium-sized hospitals.

Technical Specifications

Maximum count category: 10 groups
Counting range for each group: 0-99
Total count range: 0-990
Conditions of Use: Relative humidity ≤90% temperature 15°C ~45°C
Power supply: AC220V+10% 50Hz+1 Hz
Power consumption: 4W
Net weight: 600g
Dimensions: 220x160x78mm