Elisa Washer (Model No: HV-1261)

Elisa Washer (Model No: HV-1261)


  • Rs. 248,820.00

Elisa Washer


  • Will have capability to wash flat, U or V bottomed micro plates or 8 or 12 well strip plates.
  • Will have 8 or 12 way manifold.
  • Will have 25 wash program memory or more.
  • Will have programmable washing time, volume and soaking time.
  • Will have minimum 6 wash cycles.
  • Will have continuous operating cycle.
  • Will have residual volume less than 5μl.
  • Will have removable and autoclavable plate carrier.
  • Will have in-built vacuum and dispensing pumps to ensure accurate and quite washing.
  • Will have waste bottle with full bottle alarm or sufficient mechanism to avoid spillage and Damage to equipment
  • Will have solution based wash buffer intake.

Power Supply
Input power: 200 — 240 VAC; and 50/60 Hz Will be fitted with Indian plug.
Power Back up: UPS of suitable rating shall be supplied for minimum 1 hour backup for the entire system

Product Internal Code: 8572