Chloroscope (Model No. HV-CH-5)

Chloroscope (Model No. HV-CH-5)


  • Rs. 1,190.00

  • Required in Public Health depts., Water Testing Labs, swimming pools, Industrial Labs to check chlorine contents in water.
  • The easy procedure and steps to check chlorine makes it efficient and effective in use.
  • Application: To check the residual chlorine in drinking water from 0.25 p.p.m. to 2.0 p.p.m

Test Procedure :

  • Take test tube and fill water sample to be tested upto 5ml. Mark.
  • Add 1 to 2 drops of O-Toluidine solution into the sample with the help of dropper.
  • Shake well and keep the tube for ten minutes to develop the colour. Compare the developed colour with the Choloroscope .
  • As soon as colour is developed match the colour by inserting the tube in 1st or 2nd or 3rd hole and examine from colour standard and note down the reading of same from PPM scale marked in front of choloroscope.
  • When testing is completed, pour out the sample, clean the tube with fresh
  • water and with the help of cleaning brush.

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