Incubator Chamber (TRI-Gas Incubator) (Model No: HVO-HCC)

Incubator Chamber (TRI-Gas Incubator) (Model No: HVO-HCC)


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Hypoxia Incubator Chamber (TRI-GAS Incubator)

Managing, Optimal Environmental for Cell Growth 

The hypoxia chamber should be ideal for the experiments of the cultivation of mammalian cell culture, sperm/ovum, anaerobic cells, and all sorts of microbe cells, hatching/germinating and special tissues. 


  • The inner chamber of the hypoxia chamber has volume of 90ltr & 170liters with Multi Gas Supply (N2 & CO2).
  • Hypoxia Chamber have monitoring system with analog connection port designed to observe the status of equipment in real time even in the far distance.
  • Hypoxia Chamber have LED display with Individual 2-channel touch button operating panel.
  • Fast CO2, O2, N2, temperature and humidity recovery without overshoot.
  • Hypoxia Chamber have In-line filters remove gas impurities and contaminants.
  • Hypoxia Chamber have Fast heat-up, fast-recovery, reliable control.
  • Digital PID controlled Temperature range should be ambient + 5 °C ~ 60 °C with accuracy of ±0.1 °C (37 °C) and resolution of 0.1 °C
  • Hypoxia Chamber have 6 sides direct heating system and the electric heating wire should be covered on all sides of the chamber to make good uniformity and to provides fast heat-up & temperature recovery. Gentle air and moisture convection air and moisture in the chamber should be distributed naturally by 6 side heating and the air circulation fan.
  • Hypoxia Chamber Independently validated overnight cycle ensures complete elimination of all biological contaminants.
  • No need to remove IR CO2 sensor.
  • Hypoxia Chamber have 125 °C dry hot air sterilization, conforms to the international standards for dry heat sterilization and proven to effectively deactivate normally resistant fungi, bacterial spore and vegetative cells. Non-toxic and non-corrosive sterilization that completes within 12 hours leaving the chamber cool and dry at the end of the cycle.
  • The 3 parts of heating section should be controlled and calibrated individually by 3 individual temperature sensors.
  • Hypoxia Chamber have antimicrobial powder coating to eliminates 99.9% of surface bacteria within 24 hours of exposure.
  • Hypoxia Chamber be dry wall and air jacket system with warm air from heating wire which preserved in space between the chamber and the insulation layer to helps temperature recover faster and minimize heat loss.
  • Hypoxia Chamber have lower gas consumption and lower heat loss.
  • The system insulation should not require regular maintenance.
  • Hypoxia Chamber have dual beam IR CO2 Sensor for fast & precise detection for CO2 gas regardless of temperature and humidity.
  • Microprocessor controlled CO2 range should be 0% ~ 20% with accuracy of ± 0.1% (5%/37°C), resolution of 0.1% and Inlet pressure range of 0.5- 0.6 bar.
  • Hypoxia Chamber have natural humidification using water tray.
  • Hypoxia Chamber have 02 Range of 0.6- 20% with zirconium dioxide sensor.
  • Hypoxia Chamber have circulation fan to delivers the moisture formed from the water to the entire chamber.
  • Hypoxia Chamber have front door heater & frame heater to prevent condensation in the chamber and on the glass door.
  • Hypoxia Chamber have ULPA/HEPA filtration. Filtered air circulates across the humidity pan to accelerate the humidifying process.
  • Hypoxia Chamber have microprocessor PID control to Intelligence control for CO2 density, temperature and alarm.
  • Alarm system should remind the user to replace CO2 tank and ULPA filter.
  • It can also be used as normal CO2 incubator.
  • Blower should automatically stop when the door is opened, to minimize mixing of chamber and room air.
  • Ductwork, plenums, and shelves are removable without tools.
  • Hypoxia Chamber have rounded corner which allows easy cleaning.
  • The entire chamber should be made of stainless steel (SUS304).
  • Heating of the chamber should automatically cut by safety device when temperature control failed or there is excessive heating over set point.
  • Hypoxia Chamber be provided with minimum two perforated shelves made of stainless steel which are resistant against rust and contamination.
  • Hypoxia Chamber have faster recovery and easy classification for various samples with at least 2 split doors.
  • Hypoxia Chamber have alarm system for low or high deviation of CO2 and temperature.
  • Hypoxia Chamber be provided with complete accessories to run the system at the installation site and one filled CO2 cylinder with three CO2 valve should be quoted with the system.

Optional: For Touch Screen (Extra Cost)

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