Coating Thickness Gage (Basic Type) (Model No. HVO-ISO-1000FN)

Coating Thickness Gage (Basic Type) (Model No. HVO-ISO-1000FN)


  • Rs. 22,551.00

Coating Thickness Gage (Basic Type)


  • Measuring Range:  0-2000μm
  • Resolution:
                   0.1μm (range<100μm);
                   1μm (100μm<range<1000μm);
                   0.01mm (1.00mmsranges 2mm) 
  • Accuracy:  ±(2µm+3%L) ('L' is measuring thickness in µm                  
  • Measuring Interval: 0.5s
  • Calibration Mode: zero calibration
  • Measuring Mode: Fe, NFe, Fe/NFe
  • Minimum Substrate thickness: Fe (0.2mm), NFe (0.05mm)
  • Minimum measuring area: Ø25m
  • Minimum curvature radium of workpiece:
                    Convex Surface: 5mm
                    Concave Surface: 25mm
  • Unit: µm/mil
  • Power supply: 2x1.5V AA batteries
  • Main Unit Dimension: 101x62x28mm
  • Weight: 79g


  • Probe is suitable for both magnetic and non-magnetic metal substrates
  • Can measure the thickness of non-magnetic coating and non-metallic
    coating on magnetic metal substrate
    Substrate: iron, steel, magnetic stainless steel (not for non-magnetic stainless steel) Coating: zinc, aluminum, copper, chrome, tin, plastic, powder, paint (not for nickel)
  • Can measure the thickness of non-conductive coating on non-magnetic metal substrate (Substrate: copper, aluminum, zinc, non-magnetic stainless steel
    Coating: plastic, powder, paint, anodizing (not for chrome and zinc plating)
  • 3 measuring modes: Fe, NFe, Fe/NFe
  • Store 9 measuring records
  • Small and portable, easy for operation

Standard Delivery

  • Main Unit: 1Pc
  • Fe zero calibration plate: 1Pc
  • NFe zero calibration plate: 1Pc
  • Standard foil (100µm): 1Pc
  • 1. 5 V AA battery: 2Pc