Contact Tachometer (Model No. HVO-9224-213)

Contact Tachometer (Model No. HVO-9224-213)


  • Rs. 4,790.00

Contact Tachometer


  • Measuring Range:
Rotary Speed: 0.5~19999RPM
Line Speed: 0.05~500m/min
Line Length: 0.05~99999m
  • Resolution:
Rotary Speed:
0.1RPM (range 0.5~999.9RPM
1RPM (range 1000~19999RPM)
Line Speed:
0.01m/min (range 0.05~99.99m/min)
0.1m/min (range 100~500m/min)
Line Length: 0.02m
  • Accuracy: 
Rotary Speed:
±(0.4%n+1d) RPM (n<300RPM)
±(0.05%n+1d) RPM (n>300RPM)
"n" is rotary speed, 'd' is resolution
Line Speed: ±(1%+1d)m/min 'd' is resolution
Line Length: ±(1%+1d)m 'd' is resolution
  • Sampling Time: 0.8s (above 60 RPM)
  • Operation Temperature: 0~40°C
  • Power Supply: 3xAAA batteries
  • Dimension: 171x71x35mm
  • Weight: 162g 


    • Can measure rotary speed, line speed and line length
    • Automatically save the maximum value, minimum value and the last value, 96 data can be stored during continuous measurement
    • With backlight display

    Standard Delivery:

    • Main Unit: 1Pc
    • Wheel with 0.1m perimeter Clamping sleeve: 1Pc
    • Cone head: 1Pc
    • Small cone head: 1Pc
    • Cone cavity head: 1Pc
    • Battery (AA): 3Pcs