Cable for Digital Indicators (Length 2.5m) (Model No. HVO-7302-40M)

Cable for Digital Indicators (Length 2.5m) (Model No. HVO-7302-40M)


  • Rs. 6,820.00

Data Output Cables (Keyboard Format)

Cable for Digital Indicators (Length 2.5m)


    • Recognized as HID keyboard device by computer, no need to install drivers and software's 
    • Data can be transmitted to Excel, Word, txt and other files (press transmit button, which is recognized by the computer as keyboard input data and press enter, such as 12.34/)
    • For any software's which can receive keyboard signal

    Transmit Data

    • Press the "DATA" button of digital indicator, can also press the transmit button of the transmit box, or press the foot switch
    • Data is transmitted once, the signal light of the transmit box flashes once, at the same time, the signal light on digital indicator flashes once

      Note: Long press transmit button to zero the digital indicators