Differential Blood Cell Counter (HVO-21-BCC)

Differential Blood Cell Counter (HVO-21-BCC)


  • Rs. 4,980.00

Differential Blood Cell Counter

Differential Cell Counter, a microcontroller-based system for quick differential counts, having facility to count 8 types of cells and audible deep facility, The 16-digit alphanumeric LCD Display shows the percentage (%) calculations, individual cell counts with built-in stopwatch and timer functions.

Technical Specifications

Cell Counting key: 8 key.
Total keys: 11 keys
Body: Metal Body
Display: 16*2 Line LCD Display
Mains Input: 230V +/-10% AC, 50Hz
Weight: 1.5 Kg
Dimensions: 250*230*150mm(L*B*H)

Salient Features

✓ Facility to count 8 Types of Cells
✓ 16x2 Line Alphanumeric LCD Display
✓ Automatic percentage (%) calculation
✓ Individual cells counting facility
✓ In-built Stopwatch and Timer function
✓ Audible beep facility