Digital Differential Cell Counter (HVO-CC-100)

Digital Differential Cell Counter (HVO-CC-100)


  • Rs. 6,699.00

Digital Differential Cell Counter

Differential Cell Counter is designed for use in hematology laboratories, these microcontrollers based differential cell counters calculate percent and absolute WBC values with a feature of alert activated at every 100 counts with an option of 100 count lockout. Channels are displayed simultaneously on a bright backlit LCD screen. The counter is available in 6 cells count key model and counts up to 12 cell particles under normal and abnormal cell category.

Technical Specifications

The unit is designed for operation in cold rooms and closed laboratory rooms at ambient temperature from +10°C to +40°C.

  • Total 12 types of cell particles can be counted under NORMAL & ABNORMAL category viz; NORMAL Cell particles: Poly, Lympho, Mono, Eos, Bas and extra (User defined). ABNORMAL Cell particles: Blast, Myelo, Metamye, Band, Plasma and extra (User defined).
  • Built in percentage calculator for NORMAL & ABNORMAL cell particles.
  • Built in DATA STORAGE MEMORY, STOP WATCH & COUNTDOWN TIMER that allows multiple functions to be performed at a time.
  • Data storage memory of 500 test result.
  • Stored test result can be deleted individually or all at a time.
  • Maximum limit of Stop watch and Countdown timer can be set up to 99 hrs 59min 59 sec.
  • Total 999 counts can be entered with a long beep audio signal at every 100 counts.
  • Big 20X4 Character LCD with back light.
  • Adjustable key stroke timing for fast performance of counting, allowing highest accuracy during operation.
  • Seven keys operation. (1 key for MODE selection and 6 keys for counting and other operational functions.)
  • Premium quality and long life computer keyboard switches allows users to gain highest operating speed with least error.
  • Push button ON/OFF.
  • RS232 output for computer connectivity or external thermal recorder.
  • Performs all functions at any time of operation.
  • ABS plastic body which prevents electric shock.
  • External power supply 12V DC.
  • Dimensions: 18.5W X 13L X 5H cm.
  • Weight < 0.5kg