Digital Benchtop Centrifuge (Model No. HVO-48)

Digital Benchtop Centrifuge (Model No. HVO-48)


  • Rs. 55,985.00

Digital Benchtop Centrifuge

 Model No: HVO-48


Centrifuges use centrifugal force to separate liquid and solid particles or components in liquid and liquid mixtures Machinery. Separate the solid particles from the liquid in the suspension; Separate two liquids of different densities from each other in an emulsion.


Technical Specification: 

Voltage(V): AC: 100-240V
Power(W): 150W
Display: LED
Speed Range (rpm): 100-5000rpm
Speed Control Accuracy (rpm): ±10rpm
Timing Range: 10s-99min59s
Motor Type: Brushless Motor
Max RCF (xg): 2795
Tube Capacity: 8x15ml/8x12ml/8x10ml

Product Features:

  • ABS high strength shell, surface frosted, not easy to age, beautiful and light, and in line
  • LED display, adjustable speed, time and other parameters, functional partition display, beautiful and clear
  • DC brushless motor, low noise, maintenance free, high-speed bearing, stable operation
  • Multiple time settings, precise control, high work efficiency, multi-functional encoder adjustment, and barrier free function setting
  • With program preset function, it can save 5 different running programs

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