Digital Friability Test Apparatus (Model No. HVO-DFTA)

Digital Friability Test Apparatus (Model No. HVO-DFTA)


  • Rs. 23,330.00

Digital Friability Test Apparatus

Measures Obsession Strength of Tablets with programmable 22,500 timer. Rotation Speed 25 rpm +/-1, auto & manual mode of operation with acrylic drum, Results are displayed on 3-digit LED display and it has 3-digit presentable control.

Technical Specification

  • Rotation Speed: 25+1
  • Time Range: 1 sec to 99 min 59 sec
  • Test Time Programmable: Programmable
  • Electric Motor: Low rpm A.C. Motor
  • Auto Removal of sample: Yes
  • Audio Alarm at completion: Yes

Salient Features:

  • Programmable Time with Digital Display
  • Auto Stop After Completion of Set Time with Alarm
  • Auto Removal of Sample Without Opening the Drum
  • Precise Control of RPM 25 ± 1

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