Glassware Washing and Dryer (Model No: HV-B 30)

Glassware Washing and Dryer (Model No: HV-B 30)


  • Rs. 326,975.00

Glassware Washing and Dryer



  • Versatile and compact in size, B30 is perfectly addressing the need to clean a big variety of different plates and glasses in one only dishwasher. Up to 540 plates in 1 hour! Designed for customers looking for a premium equipment. The superior quality of the stainless steel and of the parts make of Celfrost B30 the best deal not only for the attractive purchasing price, but also for the low running costs.
  • Stainless steel washing arms are not affected by wear and will provide the same washing results even after 10 years of usage.
  • Filter in stainless steel. It will never have to be replaced during the entire dishwasher lifetime.
  • Best in class energy consumption. Only 2,5Lt of fresh water are needed per cycle.
  • The door is counterbalanced for a premium feeling when opening-closing the door.
  • One button user interface to simplify at maximum the dishwasher's ease of use.
  • Hygiene safe guaranteed by the temperature alarm. When the rinsing water reaches 82°, almost 99% of the bacteria are killed.
  • Built-in rinse aid dispenser and connection for detergent dispenser included standard.
  • Including one basket for glasses and one basket for dishes.

Product Internal Code: 8615