Hammer Mill (Model No. HVO-MO-01)

Hammer Mill (Model No. HVO-MO-01)


  • Rs. 120,434.00

Hammer Mill


Hammer Mill consists of Pivoted hammers, mounted on a horizontal shaft. Crushing takes place by impact between the hammers and anvil plate. The hammers delivers heavy blows to the feed material while it is in suspension, driving it against an anvil plate until it is fine enough to pass through the opening of the mesh fitted in the bottom of the Mill.

The present Hammer Mill has a sturdy housing which contains 4 Nos. of T shaped hammers pivoted to a disc which is fitted with the shaft of the mill turning about the horizontal axis. The shaft is directly coupled to a motor. The housing contains a semi-circular teethed liner (or anvil plate) on the top of it. A glass window to see through in the Mill is fixed on the front cover, which can be opened to change the sieve. Different mesh sizes are provided to get different product size. A hopper with feed opening and adjustment is provided in the Mill. The crushed material is collected in a receiver provided in the set-up. This Mill can accept a feed size of 6.5mm or less.


  • To study the operation of a Hammer Mill


  • Superb Painted structure
  • Simple to operate & maintain

Utilities Required

  • Feed Product
  • 2 kW. 3Ø supply, 440 V AC
  • Set of sieves with sieve shaker for analysis
  • Floor Area: 0.5 x 0.5m

Technical Specification

Hammer Mill Housing

Material SS, Dia 145mm, Depth 75mm

Feed Size

6mm Approx

Product Size

60-150 Mesh Approx.


Material SS, Size 55 mm x 15 mm

Anvil Plate

Material SS, Teethed Semi-Circular


Material SS, with discharge control arrangement


Material SS of different size

Discharge Chute

Suitable size


2 H.P. standard Make motor

Product receiver

Material SS of suitable size.


2 H.P. standard Make motor

Control Panel

On/off switches, mains indicator etc

*Painted rigid MS structure is provided to support all parts.