Horizontal Rectangular Steam Sterilizer (Model No: HV-15141-HS)

Horizontal Rectangular Steam Sterilizer (Model No: HV-15141-HS)


  • Rs. 1,355,750.00

Horizontal Rectangular Steam Sterilizer


  • Shape & Capacity: Rectangular 850 Litres Capacity
  • Mode of Heating: Electrically heated by immersion heaters of 36 kW electric load wired for operation on 3 phase 4-wire, 400/440 volts 50 Hz A.C. Supply.
  • Working Pressure: 20 Lbs I Sq. Inch. I .26kgf/cm2. Or more if desired OPERATING Pressure: 1.05 + 0.15kgf/cm2 approx. {15 psi-20 psi). [Or more]
  • Operating Temperature: about 121°C [or more],
  • Hyprostatic Test: The shell is subject to hydrostatic test of thrice the working pressure.
  • Mode of Operation: direct PC based auto-control system which features monitoring, recording, programming, controlling data acquisition all together from computer itself without any PLC.
  • This System includes Process Automation Hardware. (Including computer, sensors - Pressure/ compound Transmitter Temperature Transmitter, Signal Conversion Card, ON/OFF Control Output Channels, Input output Signal Control Box)
  • Process Automation Software
  • It will be a MENU driven software.
  • Process parameters like Leak test vacuum, Leak test hold, Leak test tolerance, No. of pulses, pulse pressure, · pulse vacuum, Sterile temp., sterile time, drying vacuum, drying time and etc. will be programmable.
  • No. of cycles can be programmed and RUN when desired.
  • Fixed cycles provided for Leak test, Bowie-Dick test, HPHV,
  • Standard cycles for liquid media, glass wear and instruments.
  • Three Level Password facility for a better security.
  • Fixed cycles are provided for an easy operation.
  • Additional facilities like product name, batch no. and operator code.
  • Client's name will be available on each data record & graph.
  • Numerical data recording (temp., pres., Vacm. & time) time selectable.
  • During any running process cycle
  • A real-time graph of Temp. & Pressure Vs Time,
  • Digital display for Temp. and Pressure,
  • A set point temp. arrow marked on the temp. axis,
  • Areal-time digital counting of sterilization time and Fo value,
  • ON or OFF status of the control devices. are available on the same screen.
  • Data recording time will be programmable.
  • Recorded graphs and numerical (digital) data reports cab be printed at just a press of a key.

Vacuum Pump:

  • Will be of 3 HP capacity (Single Phase).
  • Will be able to build vacuum of 600mm of Mercury in about 5-7 mins.

Material of Construction:

  • Chamber: Stainless Steel plate of 304L quality - 6mm thick
  • Jacket: Boiler Quality Steel.
  • End Ring: Extension of jacket material.
  • Boiler (Steam Generator): Stainless Steel 304 quality - 2mm thick.
  • Piping & Connections: Made of Stainless Steel having bright finish.
  • Dished Door: Stainless Steel - 304 quality- 12 mm thick
  • Insulation: Glass wool - 100mm.
  • Outer Cover: Stainless Steel Sheet of SS 304 quality 24 Swg
  • Dished Door: The Sterilizer will be fitted with one Dished Door. The Dished Door will provide with the radial arms of SS-304 25mm thick to manipulate smoothly by well-insulated handless & will have automatic pressure locking device to provide complete safety to the operating personnel against any explosive opening of the door under high pressure. All rectangular sterilizers will have an additional manual lock. A moulded steam & Heat resisting silicone rubber gasket one piece without joint will be fitted to the door.
  • Safety Valve: As a pressure switch for controlling pressure is provided on the jacket, spring-loaded safety valve will-be provided to the jacket as a safeguard against excess pressure in the jacket.
  • Ejector: A powerful ejector system to create partial vacuum, which will help in quick drying
  • Self-Sterilizing vacuum Breaker: Allows filtered air into the Chamber during drying cycles.
  • Accidental Vacuum Breaker Valve: Prevents formation of accidental vacuum in the jacket due to. steam condensation.
  • Plug Screen: ·Fitted in the Chamber, prevents the Chamber from clogging with lint and sediment.
  • Dial Thermometer: Indicates the working temperature in the Chamber accurately. Pressure Guage: Indicates the actual pressure of steam in the jacket.
  • Compound Guage: Indicates the vacuum and pressure in the Chamber.
  • Steam Trap, Strainer and Check Valve: Fitted into the discharge line for automatic removal of residual air and condensate to give optimum sterilization temperature.
  • Baffle: SS Baffle for even steam distribution will be provided in chamber.
  • Boiler (Steam Generator): Will be of cylindrical type made out of Non-Magnetic quality stainless steel, fitted to underside of jacket. It will be fitted with:
  • Immersion type heating elements - 36 KW Load.
  • A Low Water Protection Switch for heaters is provided to cut off electricity supply to heater.
  • Water Level gauge glass tube top indicate the level of water in boiler.
  • Water inlet valve with non-return valve and Water drain valve etc.
  • Feed Water System to feed water into the Boiler as and when water level goes down.
  • Thread Heater.
  • Pressure control device, to control and keep pressure constant in the Jacket.
  • In addition, electric box is equipped with magnetic air brake contactor, ON& OFF Toggle switch & indicating RED & GREEN Lamps.
  • The whole unit will be mounted on a tubular pipe stand of steel pipe epoxy painted.

 Product Internal Code: 8642

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