Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer (Model No. HVO-HP-PRIME)

Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer (Model No. HVO-HP-PRIME)


  • Rs. 49,730.00

Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer 

Experience the exceptional stirring capabilities of the Magnetic Stirrer Prime. This Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate offers a uniform stirring motion, perfect for creating homogeneous mixtures and accelerating reactions. With a remarkable speed range of 200 to 2200 RPM, it handles varying viscosity levels with precision. The auto-restart mode ensures that the hotplate resumes operation with the same parameters after power restoration. Its user-friendly setting knob allows for easy adjustment to achieve desired results. Additionally, the Magnetic Stirrer Prime features six intelligent heating modes, making it a superior performer in the lab. Unlock its potential and elevate your experiments with this advanced instrument.

  • Powerful servo DC motor for constant speed delivery under varying load
  • Ceramic coated metal plate
  • Stirring capacity Up to 20Ltrs
  • Nano crystal full ceramic top plate ensures chemical resistivity & constant heat transfer
  • Highly resistant and inert body, even to strong chemicals
  • Heater temperature setting from Ambient to 350°C / 550°C
  • Variable speed setting from 200 to 2200 RPM in steps of 10 RPM & long timer range from 1-999 mins & infinite mode
  • Microprocessor controlled hot plate stirrer with variable speed and time setting, along with last run memory function
  • Auto restart mode automatically resumes stirrer operation in case of power interruption
  • Keypad lock function locks down keypad after the user has set the parameters
  • Programmable pulse mode with run pause run feature
  • 6 heating modes for rapid, gradual & accurate heating
  • Large and clear display for better readability across all parameters, set values readily visible
  • Safe temperature circuit cut up to 375°C / 575°C for greater reliability
  • Small footprint for saving valuable bench space
  • LED indication when plate temperature above 50° C
  • Compatible with PT-1000 temperature probe to accurately measure temperature of medium
  • Keypad lock feature & Auto restart feature
  • CE Certified

Technical Specification: 
  • Stirring Quantity Max: 20litres
  • Set-up Plate Material: Nano crystal full ceramic top plate
  • Variable Speed: 200-2200 RPM
  • Set-up Plate Material: SS with Ceramic coating
  • Temp Accuracy: ± 1°c
  • Run Time: 1-999 mins & infinite
  • Digital display: Shows Speed/Time and Actual/Set temperature alternately
  • Safe temperature circuit: Yes
  • Set-up plate dimensions: 180 x 180 mm
  • Weight: 4.9 kg
  • Dimension (L x W x H): 330 x 225 x 113 mm
  • Protection Class: IP 21
  • Power Consumption: 220-240V/1000W