HOVERLABS Advanced Manual Rotary Microtome

HOVERLABS Advanced Manual Rotary Microtome


  • Rs. 132,000.00
  • Save Rs. 38,000


Model No. – HV-HSMA-1090A Make – HOVERLABS


  • Rust proof construction.
  • Manual Microtome with specimen feed system.
  • Lockable hand wheel at any position allowing change of blade/specimen easier and safe.
  • Lateral knife adjustment to ensure that the entire width of the blade is used without releasing the blade clamping mechanism.
  • Large storage capacity on the top of the instrument for easy access of tools.
  • Finger protection guard to protect the used from any injuries caused due to blade.
  • Robust and stable base plate for max/imum stability to the microtome.
  • Ergonomic and user friendly design.
  • Section Waste tray to collect section waste and is easily removable for cleaning purposes.
  • High Precision Specimen feed.

Section/Trimming Thickness Range  :0.5µm-60µm

Setting Values: 0.5µm-2µm in 0.5µm increments.

2µm-20µm in 1µm increments

20µm-60µm in 5µm increments.

Minimum Setting Value: 0.5µm

Object feed: 28mm

Vertical stroke: 60mm

Specimen horizontal feed: 28mm

Specimen Orientation: x- and y-axes   : universal 8o

Z-axis: up to 360o

Max. Specimen size             : 50x50mm.

Operation                              : Manual.

Weight                   : 35 kg. Standard accessories: High profile disposable blades pkt of 50 nos

Other Description mentioned in e-brochure.