BOD Incubator (Model No. HVO-BOD)

BOD Incubator (Model No. HVO-BOD)


  • Rs. 95,700.00

BOD Incubator

Safety Function:

  • Temperature protection threshold value can be set.
  • Auto-off protection and alarm for abnormal situation.
  • Parameters can be saved automatically when power off or system error.


  • Temp. Range: 0-60°C 
  • Temp. Accuracy: 0.1°c 
  • Temp. Fluctuation: ±0.5°C 
  • Temp. Uniformity: ±1°C at 37°C 
  • Shelves: 2pcs/adjustable 
  • Refrigeration Type: Forced air refrigeration system.
  • Time Range: 0~99h 
  • Refrigerant: R134a (CFC free, eco-friendly)
  • Working Type: Continuous
  • Standard Accessories: BOD socket, built-in printer, 2 test ports, lock
  • Optional Accessories: USB port 
  • Consumption: 1450W 
  • Power Supply: AC110/220V ± 10%, 50/60Hz 
  • Internal Size (mm): 600*450*750mm
  • Package Size (mm): 742*743*1340mm
  • Gross Weight: 118kg


  • LCD Display/ LED Display.
  • Double door design.
  • Polished stainless steel chamber.
  • Round angle structure, easy to clean.
  • Universal castors for easy movement.
  • CFC-free environmental friendly refrigerant.
  • Microprocessor PID temperature control: accurate and reliable.
  • BOD socket integrated inside for additional small equipment.