Hoverlabs Deep Freezer (Model No. HVO-DF-25V-350)


  • Rs. 143,550.00

Hoverlabs Deep Freezer

Model No: HVO-DF-25V-350

This refrigerator can be widely used in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, scientific research institutions, etc. And it is mainly used for the storage of RNA vaccines.


  • Capacity: 350ltr
  • Vertical Type
  • Temp. Range: 15°C~-25°C
  • Temp. Accuracy: 0.1°C 
  • Control System: Microprocessor Control & LED Display / LCD Display 
  • Alarm: High or low temperature alarm, Sensor failure alarm, power failure alarm, abnormal door opening and closing alarm 
  • Refrigeration Type: Direct Refrigeration 
  • Refrigerant: R290, CFC free 
  • Compressor: International famous compressor 
  • Condenser & Evaporator: High efficiency air-cooled condenser, made of cup bendy tube condenser and inner coil tube evaporator.
  • Structure: Uni body design & Mono-assembly foaming (Rigid polyurethane insulation material) 
  • Construction:                    

                     Internal Material:  SUS304 
                     External Material: Cold-rolled steel coated with bacterial powder

  • Shelve/Inner Door: 5Pcs
  • Consumption: 305W
  • Power Supply: 220V±10%;50Hz
  • Package Size (W*D*H) mm: 810*860*2100mm
  • Gross Weight: 170kg  

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