HOVERLABS Platelet Incubator

HOVERLABS Platelet Incubator


  • Rs. 122,000.00

HOVERLABS Platelet Incubator

Platelet Incubator uses state of the art technology to achieve a reliable, control over temperature. It is preset at 22° C for platelet application Environment friendly CFC Free Refrigerant used and PUF insulated for better efficiency and a reliable heavy duty hermetically sealed cooling/heating provides the required temperature. A forced air circulation ensure uniform temp. Within the chamber. An audio visual alarm is provided for temp. Variation beyond permitted tolerance.


A Digital Temperature Controller cum Indicator is provided to accurately maintain the set temperature within ±2°C.

The chamber is of suitable capacity to easily accommodate the platelet rotator or platelet agitator & has built in power socket in it.

The chamber is made of stainless steel High grade insulation provides extremely efficient thermal barrier ensuring optimum efficiency. Exterior is made of mild steel duly powder coated. Provided with Flicker free CFL for uniform lighting.


  • Capacity: 120 Ltrs.
  • Temperature : 22 ± 2oC
  • Controlling Resolution: 0.5oC
  • Recording : Recording is made (in ink ) on a weekly circular chart paper (Option-Inkless recording)
  • Cabinet Material : External M.S. Sheet Pretreated and Powder coated
  • Door : Transparent door internal S.S. Sheet
  • Air Circulation : Air inside the incubator is circulated using a fan to maintain uniform temperature inside the cabinet
  • Condensate Evaporator: Built – in condensate evaporator is provided.
  • Power Sources : 220V, 50 Hz, AC
  • Power Consumption : 800 W (Approx.)
  • Provided with Audio & Visual alarms for High or Low Temp, Door Open, Battery Low and Power Failure.