HOVERLABS Semi Automatic Microtome

HOVERLABS Semi Automatic Microtome


  • Rs. 278,000.00
  • Save Rs. 22,000

( Leica Type)

Model No. – HV-HSM-1090a Make – HOVERLABS


  • LCD Display with Feather Touch Keypad
  • Section thickness adjustable.
  • Cutting/Trimming Mode
  • Fast Forward/Backward Function
  • Increase/Decrease Section Thickness
  • Section Counter/Section thickness display
  • Motorized Feed Drive
  • Coarse feed speed directions (in both direction) around 300µm/s & 900µm/s
  • Ergonomic standard specimen clamp.
  • Sturdy knife holder with angle adjustment scale & locking lever.
  • Disposable knife holder with lateral displacement feature.


Section Thickness Range : 0.5µm-100µm

Setting Values: 0.5µm-2µm in 0.5µm increments.

                                    2µm-20µm in 1µm increments

                                    20µm-100µm in 5µm increments.

Trimming Thickness Range : 1µm-600µm

Setting Values: 1µm-10µm in 1µm increments.

                                    10µm-20µm in 2µm increments

                                    20µm-100µm in 5µm increments.

                                    100µm-600µm in 10µm increments.

Minimum Setting Value: 0.5µm

Object feed: 28mm

Vertical stroke: 60mm

Specimen horizontal feed: 28mm

Specimen Orientation        : x-axes and y-axes : universal 8°

                                                   Z-axis: up to 360°

Max. Specimen size             : 50x50mm.

Operation                             : Manual.

Weight                                   : 35 kg.

Standard accessories          : High profile disposable blades pkt. of 50 nos