Humidification & De-Humidification Apparatus/Humidification Control Equipment (Model No. HVO-MT-28)

Humidification & De-Humidification Apparatus/Humidification Control Equipment (Model No. HVO-MT-28)


  • Rs. 120,434.00

Humidification & De-Humidification Apparatus


The set up consists of two glass columns. One is packed with rascing rings and second is packed with silica gel. Humidification takes placed in first column where dry gas absorbs the moisture and gets humidified. In second column humidified gas is passed and moisture is absorbed by the silica gel, and dry gas exits the column. Water is fed from the top and gas is supplied from the bottom of the column. The flow rates of water and air can be independently varied to simulate different conditions. Instrumentation is done to measure the dry and wet bulb temperatures at air inlet and outlet.


  • To study the humidification and dehumidification using air water system. 
  • To find the mass transfer coefficient

Utilities Required

  • Compressed Air Supply at 2 Bar, 4 CFM
  • Water supply & Drain
  • Electricity Supply: 1 Phase, 220 V AC, 0.5 kW.

Technical Specification


Borosilicate Glass Dia 45 mm, Length 500mm (approx.) (2 Nos.)


Rushing Ring & Silica Gel

Water Circulation

FHP Pump.

Water Tank

Material Stainless Steel, Capacity 15 Ltrs.

Heating Chamber

Compatible capacity


For Air & Water flow rate measurement

Dry & wet Bulb Temp.

With Digital Temperature Indicator.

Temperature Sensors

RTD PT-100 Type

Control panel

Digital Temp. Indicator 0-199.9°C, RTD PT-100 type with multichannel switch. On/off switch, Mains Indicator etc


*The whole set-up is well designed and arranged in a good quality painted structure.