Impact Tester (Model No. HVO-THD-PF34)

Impact Tester (Model No. HVO-THD-PF34)


  • Rs. 210,138.00

Impact Tester


  • Impact Height Range: 0-100cm (0-40inch)
  • Graduation: 1cm
  • Impact depth: 2.5cm
  • Weight: 1000g (2Pcs), 300g (1Pc), 2lb (2Pcs)
  • Indenter diameter: Ø12.7mm, (1/2-inch dia), Ø15.9mm
  • Dia base diameter: Ø16.3mm


  • For paint and varnish dry coating. To test the ability to resist cracking or peeling from the substrate when deformation is caused by weights impact under standard conditions
  • Indenter, base and weight can be replaced quickly
  • Conform to ISO 6272-2:2002, ASTM D 2794

Standard Delivery:

  • Main Unit: 1Pc
  • 1000g main weight: 1Pc
  • 300g main weight: 1Pc
  • 300g main weight: 1Pc
  • 2Ib main weight: 1Pc
    1000g additional weight: 1Pc
  • 2Ib additional weight: 1Pc
  • 012.7mm indenter: 1Pc
  • 015.9mm indenter: 1Pc
  • 016.3mm die base: 1Pc