Jaundice Meter/Bilirubinometer (Model No: HV-100J)

Jaundice Meter/Bilirubinometer (Model No: HV-100J)


  • Rs. 340,025.00

Jaundice Meter/ Bilirubinometer


  • Power requirement: AC 100V-240V, 50/60Hz, 30VA
  • Light source: Xenon flash lamp
  • Light source life: not less than 150000 times
  • Display range: no less than 25.0 mg/dL (425μmol/L)
  • Accuracy: ± 1.5 mg/dL (± 25.5 μmol/L)
  • Repeatability: no more than 3%
  • Information prompt: when the voltage of the built-in battery is lower than 6.8V, low voltage prompt.
  • Inspection screen: the transmittance ratio of the spectra with wavelength of 550nm and 461nm is:
  • the inspection screen with predetermined value of "0" is 1±0.1
  • the inspection screen with predetermined value of "20" is 5±0.5 Brightness Settings: the brightness of the screen can be adjusted by 5 levels The screen saver: screen saver time can be set to 1 minute or 5 minutes Historical data saving: nurse ID number, baby ID number, measurement result, measurement time, measurement is priority, blue light completion mark can be saved.
  • Data transmission: you can export a TXT file containing all the historical data

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