Laminar Flow Cabinet, Horizontal (Model No. HV-LF Series)

Laminar Flow Cabinet, Horizontal (Model No. HV-LF Series)


  • Rs. 114,989.00

Laminar Flow Cabinet, Horizontal With Magnehelic Gauge, LCD Controller, Timer

Technical Specifications:

Sides of work bench covered with transparent acrylic sheet. Front acrylic door of collapsible type. Work-bench made of stainless steel sheet. HEPA Filter provided vertically on back of the work bench horizontally. Blowers, motor and pre-filters fitted in lower portion of the cabinet. Properly balanced blowers fitted on 1/4 H.P. Electric motor provided to supply sufficient air to HEPA filter. Pre-filters provided to supply pre filtered air to the blowers. One fluorescent tube and one U.V. Germicidal tube provided over work bench. Static pressure manometer fitted to the unit.

  • Magnehelic Gauge (To track filter pressure) in lieu of static pressure manometer.
  • Microprocessor LCD Controller with Auto Switch off mode.
  • Digital timer for U.V. Light & blower.