Laser Belt Tension Meter (Model No. HVO-5900-HZ18)

Laser Belt Tension Meter (Model No. HVO-5900-HZ18)


  • Rs. 94,607.00

Laser Belt Tension Meter


  • Measuring range: 10-800HZ
  • Input Parameter Range: 
    Maximal free belt length: 99.99m
    Maximal belt weight: 9.999kg/m
    • Accuracy: ±5%
    • Unit: N, lbf
    • Measuring distance: 3-20mm
    • Operation temparature: 10-50°C
    • Power supply: 4x1.5 V AAA batteries
    • Main unit dimensions: 178x72x34mm
    • External sensor dimensions: 124x21x12mm
    • Weight: 180g


          • Laser sensor, direct measurement, easy to use
          • Two sensors: internal and external, external sensor is suitable for measurement in narrow spaces
          • Automatic power off

          Standard Delivery:

          • Main Unit: 1Pc
          • External Sensor: 1Pc