Light Meter (Basic Type) (Model No. HVO-0130-L110)

Light Meter (Basic Type) (Model No. HVO-0130-L110)


  • Rs. 3,327.00

Light Meter (Basic Type)


  • Measuring Range(Lux): 1~999Lux, 10~100009Lux, 100-100000Lux
  • Resolution: 1Lux, 10Lux, 100Lux
  • Accuracy:

±(4%+10d), range 10000Lux
±(5%+10d), range 10000Lux
(d is resolution, calibrated with standard incandescent lamp at color temperature 2856K)
  • Repeatability: ±2%
  • Sampling time: 0.5 s
  • Operation environment: 0~40°C, 0~70%RH
  • Storage environment: -10~50°C, 0~80%RH
  • Battery: 9V
  • Photodetector dimension: 105x58x28mm
  • Main unit dimension: 130x72x30mm
  • Weight: 170g


  • Suitable for measuring illuminance in various occasions
  • Data hold function
  • Fast switching of measuring range, easy to operate

Standard Delivery:

  • Main Unit: 1Pc
  • Battery: 1Pc