Magnetic Stirrer Backlit LCD (Model No. HVO-85)

Magnetic Stirrer Backlit LCD (Model No. HVO-85)


  • Rs. 12,442.00

Magnetic Stirrer Backlit LCD

Model No: HVO-85

Magnetic Stirrer, mainly used for stirring or simultaneous heating and stirring low viscous liquid or solid liquid mixtures. The sample temperature can be heated and controlled according to the specific experimental requirements to maintain experimental required temperature condition to ensure liquid mixing.

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage (V): 100-240V
  • Frequency (Hz): 50-60Hz
  • Power (w): 10w
  • Working Plate Material: Tempered Glass
  • Base Material: Plastic
  • Working Size (mm): 150x150mm
  • Max Stirring Volume: 3ltr
  • Heating Function: No
  • Motor Type: DC Brushless Motor
  • Speed Range (rpm): 200-1600rpm
  • PT 1000: No

    Product Features:

    • Backlit LCD display set and current values, clear and intuitive
    • DC brushless motor, stepless speed adjustable encoder, low noise, maintenance-free, smooth operation
    • A variety of operating modes ensure that the stirring function does not change due to external factors
    • With positive and inversion function and program editing function, positive & reverse switching, temp switch can be achieved, fully stirring
    • Hight temp resistant strong magnetic steel to ensure sufficient suction force and torque, stirring effect is significant

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