Medical Diagnostic X-Ray 500 MA With Horizontal Table (HRT) (Model No. HV-MD-500)

Medical Diagnostic X-Ray 500 MA With Horizontal Table (HRT) (Model No. HV-MD-500)


  • Rs. 635,250.00

Medical Diagnostic X-Ray 500 MA With Horizontal Table (HRT)


Horizontal Table with floor to ceiling tube stand

Technical Specifications:

Output Rating :      40KWas per IS: 7620 (Part 1 ):1986
(Radiography)        500 mA at 40 to 100 KVP
                               400 mA at 40 to 100 KVP
                               300 mA at 40 to 125 KVP
                               200 mA at 40 to 125 KVP                                                                                                       100 mA at 401o 125 KVP      

KVP Range : 40 to 125KVP in Steps of 1 KVP each

Time (RAD) : Electronic Timer with timing range from 0.01 to 5 Sec. in 24 steps

KVP Range (FLUORO) : 45 to 100 KVP in Steps of 5 KVP each•

FLUORO mA : 0.1 to 3 mA continuously variable•

Timer (FLUORO) : Cumulative timer upto 5 minutes*

Control Panel : Attractively designed Control Panel having the following functions &                                features for Radiography, Fluoroscopy & Spot filming •
                        Push to ON/OFF Switches
                        Voltmeter to indicate Input Voltage
                        mA meter to indicate Tube Current
                        Digital Display of mA, KVP & mAs
                        Voltage Compensator for compensation of Input Voltage
                        Tube Overload Protection circuitry
                        Major & Minor KVP Selection Switches for Radiography
                        Technic Selection Switch for tube current
                        Time Selection Switch
                        Bucky IN / OUT selection switch
                        Space charge compensation
                        Indicators for Line ON, X-Ray ON, Overload & Bucky ON
                        Switches for Ready & X-Ray ON
                        Spot filming at all mA stations •                                                                                            A Dual action Hand switch is provided on the Panel with retractable cord                          for radiation Protection 

Safety Features : Automatic trip off overload circuit breaker
                           0/L indicator provided. Electronic overload protection with                                                 simultaneous protection from high input voltage, KVP mA and Time

Tube Head : Rotating anode X-Ray tube BEL THX-1 / DRA-1 or Toshiba E7239X

Compatible E Tube Stand : Floor to Ceiling( FS)                                                                                                                Floor to Ceiling with fluoroscopy {FSF)                                                                                  Floor to Ceiling with semi automatic Spot film device                                                          (FSSFD)                                                                                                                                  Ceiling Free {CF) 

Compatible Tables : Horizontal Table (HRT)

Accessories : (a) Manual Light Beam Collimator / Motorized Collimator (for fluoro                                       applications)                                                                                                                     (b) Hand Switch with retractable cord                                                                                   (c) Aluminum filter                                                                                                                 (d) Foot Switch (for fluoro only)

Power Supply : 440 Volts AC, :t 10% Line Regulation, Three Phase, 37.5/ 50' KVA, 50 HZ. With Line Resistance of 0.2 Ohms. (Power Lines having Higher Line Resistance may Limit the output of X-Ray Generator)