Medical Diagnostic X-Ray With Horizontal table & floating top (Model N. HV-MD-100 FX)

Medical Diagnostic X-Ray With Horizontal table & floating top (Model N. HV-MD-100 FX)


  • Rs. 356,750.00

Medical Diagnostic X-Ray With Horizontal table & floating top                                  (Fixed X-Ray Machine)

Technical Specifications: 

Output Rating :  8KW as per IS : 7620 (Part 1) : 1986                                                            (Radiography)    100 mA at 45 to 100 KVP                                                                                                       50mAat 45 to 100 KVP                                                                                                           25mAat 45 to 100 KVP                                                                                   

KVP Range : 45 to 100 KVP in Steps of 5 KVP/Step.   

Timer : Electronic Timer with timing range from 0.04 to 8 Sec. in 24 steps.

Control Panel : Attractive and Ergonomic designed Digital Control Panel having Soft Touch Control of all Radiographic Parameters. The Equipment uses State of the Art Technology with Micro Controller to Control various Functions & Selections.

The Panel is equipped with a Multiline Graphical LCD Display. All Parameters, viz. KV, mA, Time, mAs are displayed on the LCD Display.

Two Modes of Operation are provided, Manual Mode & APR Mode, (Anatomical
Program). Anatomical Program helps in Auto selection of Radiographic Parameters for different Sizes of Patients for their different Body Parts.

X-Ray counter. Auto selection of parameters as per screen speed.  

Bucky Selection Switch. Indicators for Mains ON, Overload, Error, Ready & X-Ray ON are provided.

Pre programmed key for quick selection of parameters.

Equipment is provided with Voltmeter to indicate line voltage.

mA meter is provided to indicate tube current.

Automatic Input Voltage Compensation.

Auto stabilization of filament voltage.

Safety Features : Automatic trip off overload circuit breaker.

0/L indicator provided. Electronic overload protection with simultaneous protection from high input voltage/KVP/mA/Time provided.

Fuses for all circuits provided in the machine.

X-Ray Tube : Stationary Anode X-Ray tube (BEL DSA-3B / Imported) in self contained tube head consisting of HV transformer, filament transformer, HV rectifiers immersed in
transformer oiI.

Compatible Tube Stands : Floor to Ceiling stand (FS)                                                                                                      Floor to Ceiling stand with fluoroscopy (FSF).                                                                      Floor to Ceiling stand with SFD (FSSFD).

Compatible Table : Horizontal Table (HRT)

Accessories : (a) Manual Light Beam Collimator
                     (b) Hand Switch with retractable cord.
                     (c) Aluminum filter.

Power Supply : 230/ 440 Volts AC, ± 10% Line Regulation, Single/Three Phase, 50 HZ.
With Line Resistance of 0.4/ 1.2 Ohms as per IS: 7620 (1 ). (Power lines having higher line resistance may limit the output of X-Ray generator.)