Melt Flow Index Tester (Model No: HV-109-ACMW)

Melt Flow Index Tester (Model No: HV-109-ACMW)


  • Rs. 146,740.00

Melt Flow Index Tester


Melt Flow Indexer is used to measure the flow rate of different polymers. The reported Melt Index values helps to distinguish between the different Grades of Polymers. This is due to the fact that plastic materials are seldom manufactured without incorporating additives, which affect the processing characteristics of material like stability and flow ability. The Melt Flow Index Test measures the rate of extrusion of a Thermoplastic material through orifice of Specific Length and Diameter under prescribed conditions of temperature and pressure.
•Temperature controller: Microprocessor based Digital Temperature Controller
•Temperature Range: 0 to 400 °C
•Temperature Resolution: up to 0.1 ° C
•Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.1 % F.S.D.
•Timer: Microprocessor based Digital Timer
•Timer Range: 0 ‐ 999.9 Seconds and having Preset facility with buzzer output
•Exterior body: Fabricated from Mild Steel Material
•Exterior Body Paint: Powder Coated in attractive shades
•Dead weight: 1.2 kg, 2.16 kg, 3.8 kg, 5 kg & 21.6 kg chrome plated weights
•Sample cutting: Automatic Motorized sample cutting
•Weightlifting: Manual

Product Internal Code: 8615