Micro Controller Based Blood Donor Couch (Model No. HVO-MC-11)

Micro Controller Based Blood Donor Couch (Model No. HVO-MC-11)


  • Rs. 127,475.00

Micro Controller Based Blood Donor Couch

Micro controller-based Blood Donor Couch is designed to provide a comfortable position for the donor. Donor position can be easily shifted from up right body position. All surface of the coach are smooth, easily accessible and can be kept clean. Electrical and mechanical accessories are housed inside the structure making the product safer. Seat elements are designed with ergonomic consideration to maximiser donor comfort. The donor couch has specially designed trays on which accessories like BP apparatus, Blood collection monitor etc.. can be placed thereby making it convenient for the donor.


  • Control System: Micro controller-based controller with remote.
  • Material of Construction: Mild steel fabricated body duly powder coated
  • Movement: By Actuator
  • Power Supply: 230 V AC
  • Power Consumption: 100 / 150 W
  • Length of the seat: 210 cm
  • Width of the seat: 67 cm
  • Dept of the Seat: 60 cm
  • Width of the arm rest: 15 cm
  • Thickness of upholstery: 10 cm
  • Trays: Mild steel powder coated.
  • Weight lifting Capacity: 150kg
  • IV Pole: IV Pole with 2 trays for blood collection monitor / BP Apparatus, etc.
  • Power: Works on 230 V AC single phase 50Hz.
  • Movement: Leg and Back Rest 
  • Battery Backup: Nil
  • Other features:
            1. Facility for blood collection from both sides
            2. Based on homodynamic principles
            3. Tilt and height adjustments can be done by using remote control.


  • Based on hemodynamic principle
  • Tilt and height adjustment can be done by using remote control
  • Ensuring safety and comfort of donor
  • Castor wheel with locking
  • Facility for blood collection for both sides