Microprocessor Colony Counter (Model No. HVO-376-CC)

Microprocessor Colony Counter (Model No. HVO-376-CC)


  • Rs. 9,330.75

Microprocessor Colony Counter

Model No: HVO-376-CC

  • Display: 6-digit 999999 Maximum Count
  • Range/; 0-999999 With hold and count correction facility.
  • Keyboard: 6 Soft touch Membrane Keys
  • Correction: Count Correction facility available to cancel the unwanted counts
  • Storage: 125 Result- Count Storage retained even if the system is switched off
  • Average: Average mode facility available
  • Dish Size: 110mm.
  • Magnification: x1.7 Surface Magnification
  • Dimensions: 250x220x110mm (Approx.)
  • Weight: 3kg. (Approx.)
  • Power: 230V +10% AC, 50Hz

Salient Features

  • Count Correction Facility
  • Result Count Storage
  • Audible confirmation of Each Count
  • Auto Marker Pen
  • Uniform Glare Free Illumination
  • Wolffhugel Glass Grid with Focusing Facility
  • LED Based Illumination