Microwave Digestion System (Model No. HVO-DS-600)

Microwave Digestion System (Model No. HVO-DS-600)


  • Rs. 1,065,315.00

Microwave Digestion System


  • Vessel Quantity: 6
  • Temperature Monitoring System: Contactless IR Sensor Temperature Monitoring, each Vessel Temperature Controlled
  • Pressure Monitoring System: 50~400℃
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.1℃
  • Pressure Monitoring System: Contactless Sensor Pressure monitoring each Vessel Pressure Controlled
  • Pressure Controlling Range:  0~15MPa    
  • Pressure Accuracy:  ±0.01MPa
  • Vessel Volume: 100mL  
  • Vessel Material: TFM (Modified PTFE)
  • Protection Vessel Material: Peek+ Glass Fiber
  • Rotation: One Direction 360° continuous rotating 
  • Display: 7-inch Touch Screen
  • Software: In-Built
  • Microwave Tank: 316L Stainless Steel tank with corrosion-proof coating  
  • Microwave Power:  0-1000W (Adjustable)
  • Microwave Leakage: <5mw/cm2
  • Air Exhaust: High power corrosion-proof air blower
  • Power:  AC 220V±10%, 10A, 50/60Hz
  • Dimension:  490×560×630mm(L×W×H)
  • Net Weight: 47 kg
  • Gross Weight:  52 kg    

Salient Features

  •  Optional vessel quantity, up to 12 vessels to meet different digestion requirements.   
  • Vertical design for even distribution of microwave.     
  • Real- me monitoring for both temperature and pressure of each vessel.   
  • Contactless sensor monitoring saves consumables cost and maintenance cost.   
  • Imported vessel material for both sample vessel and protection vessel highly ensures safety.     
  • 7-inch color Touch screen with user-friendly interface for easy opera on.     
  • CFRP outer shell material with high strength ensures impact resistance.     
  • Pre-installed general standard methods, users can also create, save, modify and delete the method.     
  • 316L Stainless Steel tank with multilayer Teflon coating avoids acid corrosion, also improved cooling efficiency.