Minus 40° Deep Freezer (Model No: HV-131)

Minus 40° Deep Freezer (Model No: HV-131)


  • Rs. 114,840.00

Minus 40° Deep Freezer


  • Internal minimum capacity 300 L, double or single door with adjustable at least 4-6 shelves each with separate inner door for better sample protection through minimum sample warming.
  • External casing MS sheet made and duly powder coated body, non-corrosive; and stainless steel inner chamber.
  • Range of temperature should be up to -20 to -40 C (adjustable), temperature deviation of maximum +/- 3 deg C with proper display.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Freezer condition monitor – Alarm indicators, maintenance indicator to take care of eventualities like power failure, high or low temperature, door open, probe failure etc.
  • No condensation on storing material with automatic electric defrost
  • Temperature date logger, Temp chart recorder.
  • Rechargeable battery backup including charger maintenance free.
  • Dual/single door system with inner glass door, suitable for ambience with temperature of 100C to 400C.
  • Have all the accessories required for the functioning of the equipment.
Power Supply
  • Input power: 200 — 240 VAC; and 50/60 Hz should be fitted with Indian plug.

Product Internal Code: 8572