Moisture Analyzer (Balance) (Model No. HVO-MB SERIES)

Moisture Analyzer (Balance) (Model No. HVO-MB SERIES)


  • Rs. 182,787.00

Moisture Analyzer (Balance)

Moisture Analyzer has different names, such as Moisture Balance or Moisture Meter. This device consists of two main parts: a weighing unit and a heating unit that uses Infrared Halogen Technology. Its main purpose is to determine the moisture level in a sample by using the loss on drying principle.


  • Display Information: % Moisture, %of dry substance, diagram graph, ratio, %Atro moisture, %Atro Dry, %gm/ltr.
  • Temperature Range: Max to 175ºC (Optional 250ºC)
  • Maximum Time Selection: 999.9 min
  • Heating Source: Infra-Red Halogen/ Temperature Range 30ºC to 175ºC
  • Temperature Increment: Interval 1ºC
  • Heating Profile: Standard, Rapid, Step, Gentle & High Temperature
  • Switch Off Criteria: Automatic, Manual timed, User DEF G/T, User DEF% U/T, Intelligent
  • Menu Language: English
  • Pan Size: 95 Ø - H:8 mm
  • Statistics: Method wise for each individual 40 methods or Batch wise for each individual 100 batches for last 9999 results
  • Data Storage: Last 9999 Moisture Determination results
  • Auto Method Development: Intelligent
  • Method Memory: 40
  • Batch Memory: 100
  • Compile: Yes (Method Linking)
  • Standby Temperature: 30ºC to 100ºC
  • Display: Graphical Display with LED Backlit
  • Data Connection interface: RS 232C Bidirectional, USB Ethernet, PS2
  • Print: GLP / GMP Compliant, User Configurable
  • Test: Weighing and Heater
  • Quality Management- Weight in Assist: Yes
  • Quality Management- Password: Method, Setting, Print Format, Data Delete, Calibration, Drying
  • Power Supply: 230V/50Hz or 115V/60Hz
  • Power Consumption (W): Max 415
  • Principle : Loss on Drying (LOD)