Motorized OT Table (Model No: HV-15138-MOT)

Motorized OT Table (Model No: HV-15138-MOT)


  • Rs. 201,768.00

Motorized OT Table


Electrically driven, finger touch-controlled operation tables are specially designed to provide complete flexibility for patient positioning required for modern surgeries.
  • Mains operated electrical system
  • In-built rechargeable battery (optional)
  • Eccentrically Positioned tabletop for maximum access for movement of C Arm image intensifier.
  • X-ray Translucent lour sectional top.
  • Standard positioning
  • Noiseless and smooth operation.
  • Mobile base with floor locking locility.
  • Sturdy T-type base for eosy operation.
  • Base and column covered with stainless steel prevent dirt and fluids from getting into base and easy to be cleaned.
  • Frame and side rails are made of S.S
  • Completely RUST proof design.
  • Adaptable to ortho attachment, Neuro Surgery attachment and other special accessories.


  • Antistatic rubber Mattress: One Set
  • Arm board SS top: One PC.
  • Shoulder Support padded: One Pair
  • Loterol Support padded: One Pair
  • Lithotomy crutches Geopol Type: One Pair
    Product Internal Code: 8642

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