Multi Position Magnetic Stirrers- 6 Stirring Points (Model No. HVO-90)

Multi Position Magnetic Stirrers- 6 Stirring Points (Model No. HVO-90)


  • Rs. 39,400.00

Multi Position Magnetic Stirrers- 6 Stirring Points

Model No: HVO-90


Multi position magnetic stirrer adopt international advanced design concept and manufacturing technology, with smooth and beautiful appearance, compact and firm structure, high universality, simple operation and other advantages. It is rare instrument for scientific research and experiment. This magnetic stirrer is mainly applicable to laboratory instruments for liquid mixing, mainly used for stirring or heating and stirring low viscosity liquid or solid-liquid mixture. It is widely used as an experimental tool in colleges, environmental protection, sanitation, epidemic prevention, chemical. 

Technical Specification: 

Voltage (V): 100-240 V
Frequency (Hz): 50-60 Hz
Power (W): 90W
Display Method: LCD
Timing Range: 1-999min
Maximum Stirring Volume (H₂O): 1000ml 
Stirring Points: 6
Speed Range (rpm): 100-1500rpm
Speed Control Accuracy (rpm): ±10rpm
Motor Type: DC Brushless Motor
Working Plate Size (mm): 260x390mm

Product Features:

  • High synchronization rate, speed error of each point<10rpm
  • LCD display, the display content is beautiful and clear, and the reading is accurate and intuitive.
  • Specially made film coated disk surface, which is anti-skid, scratch resistant, corrosion resistant and easy to locate the motor.
  • Push type knob, long press to start operation, sensitive response.
  • The Rubber foot has a stable structure to prevent the instrument from sliding and toppling.
  • Quick Liquid Stirring
  • Speed/Timing Adjustment