Multi-Torsion testing Machine (Model No: HV-2001)

Multi-Torsion testing Machine (Model No: HV-2001)


  • Rs. 334,950.00

Multi-Torsion testing Machine


Torsion Testing Machine is designed for conducting torsion and twist on various metal wires, tubes, sheet materials.
Torque measurement is by torque transducer system.
Torque can be applied to specimen by geared motor through gear box.
Autographic recorder gives the Relation between torque and angle of twist.
The accuracy of torque indication is + 1 % of the true torque.
The electronic control panel is built using 8085 microprocessor which incorporates state of the art technology with following features‐
Front panel membrane type key board for test setup.
7 segment digital display of load displacement/extension.
Printer port interface.
Serial port for communication with PC.
Storage of important parameters such as peak load & maximum displacement after test.
Preload selection to take care of initial slippage.
Optional real time graph & PC software.

•Max. Torque Capacity: 200 NM
•Least count: 0.02 NM
•Torsion Speed: 1.5 RPM
•Clearance between Grips: 0-420 MM
•Grips for Round Specimens: 7-10MM, 10-15MM, 15-20MM
•Grips for Flat Specimens: 5-12MM
•Width: 30MM
•Motor (400 440 V,3 Phase & 50 Hz): 0.5HP

Product Internal Code: 8615