Digital Over Head Stirrer ELITE (Model No. HVO-OH-ELITE)

Digital Over Head Stirrer ELITE (Model No. HVO-OH-ELITE)


  • Rs. 72,160.00

Digital Over Head Stirrers


Featuring intelligent design and high-performance components, these devices come with unique features such as built-in overload, overcurrent and over-temperature safety, Power Intermittent mode and counter speed control to meet even the most demanding stirring requirements.

  • Brushless DC motor for quiet operation and maintenance free long operation
  • Microprocessor controlled for consistent accuracy with viscous and nonviscous liquids
  • Viscosity up to 70,000 mPas & 100 L volume
  • Adjustable speed ranging from 50 Up to 2000 RPM
  • Long timer setting from 1 min to 99 hours 59 mins & continuous mode
  • Reversible mixing motion - CW/CCW
  • Large digital display for all the parameters at one glance
  • Uninterrupted operation through Smart control
  • Safety cut for overload, over current & over temperature.
  • Counter reaction to speed change.
  • Push through shaft for viscous liquid or smaller vessels.
  • CE Certified

Technical Specification: 

  • Motor Type: Brushless DC motor
  • Speed Range: 50-2000 RPM
  • Timer: 1 min to 99 hr 59 mins & infinite mode
  • Direction of Rotation: Reversible - CW/ CCW
  • Protection Class: IP 42
  • Dimensions (Head) (LxWxH): 102 x 249 x 242 mm
  • Weight: 5.1 Kgs
  • Voltage/ Consumption: 24V / 72W