Paint Film Flexibility Tester (Model No. HVO-PPF-BF62)

Paint Film Flexibility Tester (Model No. HVO-PPF-BF62)


  • Rs. 40,302.00

Paint Film Flexibility Tester


  • Shaft rod Length: 35mm
  • Shaft Rod 1: Ø15mm
  • Shaft Rod 2: Ø10mm
  • Shaft Rod 3: Ø5mm
  • Shaft Rod 4: Ø4mm
  • Shaft Rod 5: Cross section 3x10nnm radius of curved surface 1.5mm
  • Shaft Rod 6: Cross section 2x10nnm radius of curved surface 1.0mm
  • Shaft Rod 7: Cross section 1x10nnm radius of curved surface 0.5mm
  • Dimension: 450x75x100mm
  • Weight: 3.1kg


  • To test the flexibility to paint and varnishe
  • Bend diameter test plates on the shaft rods with different diameter, the minimum shaft rod diameter that does not cause damage to the firm is the film flexibility

Standard Delivery:

  • Main Unit: 1Pc
  • Test Plate: 1box (500 Pcs)
  • 4X Magnifier: 1Pc